Business Consultation for Creators

In my interactions with other creators (musicians, artists, photographers, writers, etc.) I have noticed that very few creators think of their art as a business. What I've found over the years, is that those who think about developing a business and a brand, as well as their art, are the most successful. You have to know how to make money doing what you do, and you have to get your product in front of people. It doesn’t matter how good you are if no one can see it. It’s great if you have a YouTube channel, or post videos to Facebook, but what good is it if you can’t get any interaction with your content? 

It’s as a direct result of these experiences that I am excited to announce a new department of my company, Business Consultation for Creators. It is here that we can help artists develop a brand, leverage social media, think about growth and development, and learn how to run a business. To be clear, this is not a management service. It is not related to the “Music Business” in the traditional sense. Instead, it is about learning how to run a small business, with that business being your content. 

Just to be clear – I do not claim to have the secret to business–I don't have a huge business to back that up. What I hope to provide is an explanation of what I have done to reach a large audience and market my skills through optimizing social media. I will never suggest someone do something that I haven't done, and haven't found to be successful. I am not interested in teaching what I have yet not done. 

-Mike Thompson

If you might be interested in this service, email me at for more information. 

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