Turn Your Freelance Gig Into a Business–Now.

In 2017, it seems like everybody and their mother is a freelance something; a freelance photographer, writer, video editor, musician, consultant, producer, etc. What’s also happening in this trend is that none of these freelancers think of themselves as a business. While in reality, anyone that does something in exchange for money, particularly creative professionals, should start to think of themselves as a business. 

When people think of the business world, we picture the corporate world from movies and books. There are executives, in their corner offices, cashing their $200,000/month paychecks. While in reality, that’s not what all businesses look like. You can run a profitable and fulfilling business out of your house, or dorm room, or your car. It’s not a pissing contest of who makes the most money, or who has the best view of Central Park from their window. It’s just a game of who can create the most quantity and quality of content. 

When you can shift your mind from your freelance gig being something you show up to for each job, to something you do all of the time, you’ll be ready for bigger opportunities when they arise. Instead of just taking photos at that wedding, take photos of objects in your free time, and put them up on stock image sites. Instead of packing up from the gig and going to party, go home and work on expanding your personal brand. Instead of only writing when you’re commissioned by a blog, write on your own blog at home. All of this gives you a larger body of work, and a greater skillset. 

This entire process is just a change in the way you think, not in the way you create. If you hustle enough at your “side-hustle”, then one day it won’t just be a “side-hustle”. If you love something enough to spend all of your time doing that thing, then nobody can stop you from being great at it. If you don’t, then it will always remain a side-hustle. 

I know that this is a controversial viewpoint, but I would love to hear from those of you who share a different one. Shoot me an email at mike@mjthompsonmusic.com, I’d love to talk about it. 

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